Cleaners, Sealers & Additives

Welsh offers professional supplies for all of your masonry project needs. We only use the best quality and like to keep it simple. Below are what we recommend to prep, clean, coat and care for your stone.

Gibco MRF Additive

Gibco MRF is an additive often used to replace lime when making joint and bed compounds. This product reduces shrinkage and water penetration into the joint.

Masonry Cleaners

Acidic cleaner – Used to remove efflorescence, rust marks, and grout haze from stone.

  • SMC Peroxide Cleaner – Deep penetrating, lifting action. Used to restore stone to its original look.
  • SMC Additive – A powerful additive that enhances the stain removing ability of S-tech

Masonry Sealers

  • Color Enhancing Sealer – Color enhancer used for sealing porous surfaces on natural stone. Gives stone a wet-look seal.
  • Impregnating Sealer – Impregnating sealer used for natural stone and concrete. Gives stone a natural finish with no gloss.

Masonry Supplies & Small Tools

TYPE S, N, 1 Gray and White

Easy Joint

Bulk Sand

Diamond Tipped Saw Blades

Rock-face Chisel

Thermalling Torch Kits